Bunch Construction

  • Cultivates team collaboration between lender, developer, local examiner, architect and engineer
  • Is a strong family of loyal contractors working to build resilient structures and strong relationships
  • Provides time-honored experience that offers cost-effective measures applied to understanding of local municipality rules and regulations
  • A TEAM you can trust

Commercial Buildings

CONSTRUCTION is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure.

BUNCH CONSTRUCTION is the process of constructing buildings and relationships from the ground up. As a team, we understand that in the world of viable commercial construction our competitive bids go hand in hand…

Tenant Improvement

Bunch Construction Inc’s design-build approach has been essential in the successful build out of interior space. BCI reviews the design of new space and considers any obstacles that may affect function and timelines.

Facility Management

We know it is not just about location, the square footage or the cost. While each property is different, we understand the specific needs of your business and how we can help you be successful.